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When making a decision about higher education, it is essential that every individual be provided with a well-rounded and broad-based body of information pertinent to their career interests and the options available to them. For this reason, we provide the most current reviews on the best colleges, online programs, and interesting developments in a variety of fields. As well, we hold that the scholarly community exists to support its members through information and idea sharing. Our goal is to foster a colloquy in order to provide relevant points of view, resource sharing, interesting topics, and vital information for today’s prospective college student.


Under this heading, visitors will find the most current and well-founded rankings for various programs. Focusing on the offerings of online programs, these rankings take into account both the excellence of the curriculum and the needs of those seeking an online education. These criteria may include flexibility of scheduling, affordability, quality of instruction, and interactivity between students and instructor through alternative methods. It also addresses the fact that, while there are several exclusively online university programs that meet the standards of excellence, there are a number of brick and mortar institutions that offer top-notch online programs with the option to transition to a more traditional classroom environment. The goal of the rankings section is to arm prospective students with the information they need to make the best choice of program for their needs and goals. Our Most Recent Christian Degree Rankings:


Attending college isn’t simply about the curriculum or corps of academicians offering instruction. The college experience encompasses much more of life, and, therefore, the best colleges are set in a context of extracurricular features. Articles exploring the best features of universities across the country are featured here. Such offerings as the best student unions, recreation facilities, which universities offer free education opportunities, points of historical interest such as cathedrals, and the best television shows about college are mainstays of this page. The Features page pays homage to the very human need for a full and diverse lived experience. The college years are not comprised of marching from class to class. Human beings, especially those in college, need to engage with others and maintain a healthy balance of physical activity, fun, and rigorous study in their chosen field in order to emerge at the end of their college time with more than a piece of paper. Our Most Recent Features:


We have a growing library of infographics. We love creating informative and educational infographics. We do this for a couple of reasons. To help others find out about Christian Degrees as well as to share our content as far and wide as possible. Some of our infographics have been featured on CNN, Examiner, NY Times, Mashable, and CNET. Our Most Recent Infographics:

Christian Colleges By State

We have broken down all the Accredited Christian Colleges By States to help you navigate your Christian College Search by Geography.